Photodocumentation: SYLLOGISMS MFA Exhibition @ Audain

I was asked by dancer Luciana D'Anunciação to photograph her performance at Syllogisms: the SFU MFA students' Spring Exhibition @ Audain Gallery in March 2013. I was honoured to be asked; I admire Luciana's work greatly, had shot her before, and knew that her performance would impress (and she did! My photos of her work "Echoes" are some of my favourite to date). But I was also lucky enough to capture much more fantastic art than I had expected. This was an incredible evening of multi-disciplinary arts: painting, video, sculpture, music, digital, dance, and performance, featuring over a dozen artists. Plenty for the senses to feed on! COMPLIMENTS: From Didier Morelli, performance/conceptual artist: "The photos are really wonderful - thank you so much. It was great to meet you there and exchange with you. Definitely a stand out conversation for me in the evening. And the images your captured are really stellar - some of those moments seemed dreamlike in my mind but you've managed to record them and I can't be thankful enough for that!" and "I must also communicate to you a big thank you from some family members back home. Since I've been away they've not really seen my work as it is not often documented. I sent them the link to your website today and received a slew of excited e-mails and phone calls. Thank you again!"

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